Back to Babylon is a one-man show that tells a compelling story based on writer/performer Gregg Tomeís personal experiences growing up in Babylon, Long Island. Through uncanny portrayals of nine characters, the tale of a close-knit circle of townies, friends and mentors is told. The plot unfolds as a local resident, on the eve of his ten-year high school reunion, reminisces about his friends from the past, who struggled to define themselves within a haze of youthful revelry. Each character delivers a dually humorous and poignant monologue revealing another piece of the narrative, ultimately exposing a disaster that will define them all. With an edgy story line, 70ís rock music, and imagery from the town itself, the audience is taken on a trip down suburban memory lane to discover the permanent connections between the characters, ancient Babylon and Babylon, Long Island, while also learning that the past is always present in our lives.

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